Fork Rebuilds

The life of a fork seal depends on the workmanship?

Ever wondered why fork seals don’t last as long after a fork rebuild? It is because the fork rebuild is done half way. It is pointless to put new seals on old unpolished fork stanchions because the marks on the chrome, caused by the normal opperation of the stanchion sliding accross the bushing of the outer stanchion, cuts and wears the seal quicker.

workshop pictures 009

Above is a typical example of a glazed inner fork stanchion.

Bellow is a polished stanchion on the left and an unpolished one on the right. These two stanchions are of the same motorcycle (F800GS), in other words the left one looked like the right before the polishing process. By doing this the seals get a new surface and a longer life.

workshop pictures 011