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Welcome to Covenant Motorcycles

We are the BMW Motorrad specialists


Motorcycles is not just a JOB but a LIFESTYLE at Covenant Motorcycles.

It is a fact that only a small percentage of people in a nation represent the dedicated motorcycle fraternity. Our more German orientated clients like to be referred to as a “Motorradfahrer” (motorcyclist).They are normally our respected BMW riders; and relate to the motorrad “arm” of Covenant motorcycles.

Motorcyclists all have different reasons for owning and riding a motorcycle. We endeavor to meet those needs as far as humanly possible.

  • Covenant Motorcycles offers a one stop service to all those riders who are prepared to respect our commitment and dedication in looking after their motorcycle.
  • Covenant Motorcycles have an open workshop policy and will always disclose to the client what the true state of affairs is when it comes to the servicing; maintaining; repairing or rebuilding of a motorcycle.
  • Our open workshop policy also allows the client the liberty of making periodic visits to us; checking on the quality and progress of the work.
  • The motivations and intentions of our clients are very important to us. These always play a fundamental role in the establishing of a working relationship.
  • Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles and when not maintained properly can cause great calamity; and sorrow changing and upsetting ones’ day dramatically.
  • Our overall and most important sentiment is that we care for our client’s life and safety more than a budget. Why save money and loose a life?

Other services and Initiatives

  • Covenant Motorcycles can also assist you with the sale of your motorcycle re the preparing and presenting for a Roadworthy Certificate.
  • When purchasing a motorcycle we offer a service, by examining and reporting on the condition of the vehicle. Our workshop is also equipped with the necessary equipment like a “leak down” and “compression tester”. These testers give a fair evaluation of the condition of the cylinder head and upper cylinder components without a total strip down of the engine.
  • We offer help and advice as to the periodic maintenance of certain items on the motorcycle that needs care and attention between service intervals.
  • For example drive chain maintenance; checking of brake pad condition; fluid level checks and more.
  • Render assistance where possible in the sourcing of OEM – parts; as well as serviceable used parts; or aftermarket parts.
  • We will always attempt to put a client in contact with an alternative supplier if we are not able to meet their needs.